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Replaceable Cutting Edge

Heavy Duty Ripple Formed Moldboard


Perfect for clearing snow and leveling gravel/sand, the RAYMAK Hydraulic Angling Dozer Blade is a "Tried and True" attachment that is essential for all landscaping and construction contractors. A large hydraulic cylinder powers the Dozer Blade allowing for up to +/- 30 degree angle for maximum control when moving materials.

The Hydraulic Angling Dozer Blade comes standard with a Replaceable Cutting Edge and Replaceable Skid Shoes that are ultra durable and easy to attach/detach.

Contact your local RAYMAK dealer to pick up a Hydraulic Angling Dozer Blade today!

Benefits Include:

•  30 Degree Left & Right Hydraulic Angling

•  Heavy Duty Industrial Moldboard

•  Vertical Gussets Added For Extra Strength

•  Adjustable Skid Shoes Come Standard

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