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RayMak Direct Drive Auger Unit.png

Direct Drive Motor

Durable Protective Casing

2-Pin Mounting Ears


RAYMAK's powerful Direct-Drive Auger Drive Units are designed to have optimum torque output while maximizing rotational output speeds.

These Direct-Drive Units are incredibly versatile and have a multitude of applications. The "Open Box" protective case design allows for ease of maintenance, hose swapping, and servicing.


Available for use on both skid steers and mini skid steers.

Benefits Include:

•  Universal Mounting Options

•  Available in Auger "Packages"

•  High Rotational Output

•  Easily Serviceable Componentry

Complete Auger Package Includes:

•  Choice of Direct Drive Auger Drive Unit

•  Skid Steer/Mini Skid Mounting Bracket

•  Complete Hydraulic Hose Kit

•  Choice of Auger Bit

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