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Construction bucket cropped.png

High Strength Rippled Mouldboard

Pre-drilled Leading Edge

Ultra Heavy Duty Construction


The RAYMAK line-up of skid steer buckets is designed specifically to handle the harshest material handling scenarios, all while being competitively priced.

The Heavy Duty Construction Bucket is constructed 40% heavier than standard buckets, allowing for a dramatic increase in rigidity and durability. Typically paired with an optional tooth bar or high carbon cutting edge the Heavy Duty Construction Bucket is designed and built for the most enduring material handling scenarios.

Benefits Include:

•  High Durability and Rigidity

•  Reinforced Gusseted Underside

•  Pre-Drilled High Carbon Leading Edge

•  Optional Tooth Bar & Cutting Edges

•  40% Heavier Construction Over Standard Buckets

Optional Features:

• Optional Mounted Hydraulic Grapple

• Reversible + Replaceable Cutting Edge

• Tooth Bar & Replaceable Wear Teeth

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