50/50 Carbide - Cup Chain

12 Inch Side Material Discharge Auger

Removable Crumber Bar


Perfect for working in tough soil to dig straight trenches for laying water pipe, electrical cables, irrigation canals, and gas pipe the RAYMAK Hydraulic Trencher attachment is capable of handling it all!

Featuring a Four Foot Boom, the Hydraulic Trencher digs down deep into soil, using its Replaceable Carbide Teeth to break down the soil and then the Replaceable Cup Teeth extract the broken down soil from underneath. As the Replaceable Tooth Chain works to dig and extract the soil, the 12 Inch Side Discharge Auger pushes the extracted material to the side, making for a cleanly dug trench.

Get digging today with the RAYMAK Hydraulic Trencher attachment which is available at your local RAYMAK dealer!

Benefits Include:

•  Four Foot Long Reach Boom

•  Eaton Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor

•  Removeable Crumber Bar

•  50/50 Carbide - Cup Tooth Chain

•  12 Inch Side Discharge Material Auger

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