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Rotary Angle Broom Photo Cropped.png

Large Debris Bristle Hood

50/50 Poly - Steel Wafers

Direct-Drive Hydraulic Motor


One of the most versatile attachments offered by RAYMAK, the Hydraulic Rotary Angle Broom is capable of sweeping nearly any materials away on the very first pass. With its easily Replaceable 50/50 Poly - Steel Convoluted Wafers, you receive the abrasive properties of the steel to wear away hard caked on debris, and the malleable properties of the polypropylene to whisk away the debris.

Perfect for snow removal, road construction, property maintenance, farm cleanup, and more the Hydraulic Rotary Angle Broom is an attachment that every skid steer owner can use! Contact your local RAYMAK dealer to order your very own broom, and start sweeping today!

Benefits Include:

•  +/- 30 Degree Manual Angling

•  Reversible Sweeping Action

•  50/50 Poly - Steel Convoluted Wafers

•  Parking Stands for Easy Storage

•  Chain-less Direct Drive Motor


Snow Removal

Property Maintenance

Road Construction

Farm Clean-Up

& More!

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