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Pallet Forks Cropped.png

Reinforced Brick Guard

Heavy Duty Frame

Strong Forged Steel Forks


RAYMAK's Standard Utility Pallet Forks set a new benchmark within the skid steer attachment industry. With Pallet Forks being a necessity for every skid steer, RAYMAK has designed and produced the industry's highest quality pallet forks in the "Standard Utility" price category.

Defying the scales between quality and price, RAYMAK has invested heavily into developing a high quality set of forged steel forks matched to a unique heavy duty frame, all while being priced lower than name brand forks.

Make sure you get the most "Bang For Your Buck", and make an inquiry to your local RAYMAK dealer about a set of Standard Utility Pallet Forks.

Benefits Include:

•  Heavy Duty Pallet Fork Frame Design

•  Reinforced Brick Guard Comes Standard

•  Easily Adjustable Fork Widths

•  Slip Style Release Pins

Maximum Capacity:

4000 lbs.png
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