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Protective Front Guard Bar

Heavy Duty Skid Plates

Protected Hydraulic Motor & Gearbox


The RAYMAK Hydraulic Utility Brush Mower sets a high standard in skid steer mowers. Able to cut up to 1 1/2 inch diameter brush effortlessly, yet still being able to efficiently and evenly cut tall grass this mower is perfect for "Around the Property" maintenance.

Ideal for clearing new trails, ditches, overgrown areas, mulch, tall grass, saplings, thickets, and more!

Pick up a Hydraulic Utility Brush Mower from your local RAYMAK dealer today!

Benefits Include:

•  Very Powerful Sheltered Hydraulic Motor

•  Front Protective Guard Bar

•  Heavy Duty Skid Plates To Glide Over Terrain

•  Two High Tensile Steel Blades

•  Built-In Pressure Relief Valve

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